Bank Swift Code Of Indonesian Banks In 2020

Hay guys, this time I will discuss Swift Code Banks throughout Indonesia. For each bank in Indonesia, everything is different.
You can use these codes when you want to transfer money between banks, for people who have often sent or received money, they already know the codes and even memorize them.
The conclusion of the Swift Code language is that it means bank code which is useful for transferring by international means.

If you want to receive or send money from abroad or within the country, you have to know the codes to pay it.
You may be wondering why I’m giving this notice, because what I know in the Internet world that many are doing business Online, and you really need to know this Swift Code.

If you want to transfer money to Indonesia from abroad, you will definitely be asked for the Swift Code of the bank you are going to. This Is About Bank Swift Code In Indonesia

SWIFT CODE Bank located in Indonesia

P.T. ABN (Algemene Bank Nederland) AMRO Bank: ABNAIDJA
P.T. Hagabank: HAGAIDJA
P.T. Bank AG (Artha Graha): ARTGIDJA
P.T. Bank Bumi Putera Indonesia (BBPI): BUMIIDJA
P.T. Bank-Bumi-Arta-Indonesia (BBAI): BBAIIDJA
P.T. Bank-Buana-Indonesia (BBI): BBIJIDJA
P.T. Bank-Danamon: BDINIDJA
P.T. Bank-Mandiri (not Bank-Syariah-Mandiri): BEIIIDJA
P.T. Bank Bangkok: BKKBIDJA
P.T. Niaga Bank: BNIAIDJA
P.T. Bank-Negara-Indonesia (BNI): BNINIDJA
P.T. Bank Bangladesh Nationalist Party Paribas Indonesia: BNPAIDJA
P.T. Bank-Resona-Perdania (BRP): BPIAIDJA
P.T. (BRI) Bank Rakyat Indonesia: BRINIDJA
P.T. Bukopin Bank: BBUKIDJA
P.T. (BCA) Bank Central Asia: CENAIDJA
P.T. Deutsche-Bank-AG (DBAG): DEUTIDJA
P.T. Bank-Mizuho-Indonesia (BMI): MHCCIDJA
P.T. Hongkong-And -hanghai-Banking (HSBC): HSBCIDJA
P.T. Bank-International-Indonesia (BII): IBBKIDJA
P.T. Bank-Indonesia (BI): INDOIDJA
P.T. Lippo Bank: LIPBIDJA
P.T. Bank Main Education Unit Number (NISP): NISPIDJA
P.T. Pan-Indonesia-Bank (PIB): PINBIDJA
P.T. Bank-Rabobank-International-Indonesia (BRII): RABOIDJA
P.T. Bank UFJ Indonesia Formerly Bank Sanwa Indonesia (FBSI): SAINIDJA
P.T. Bank Swadesi: SWBAIDJA
P.T. Bank-Tabungan-Negara (BTN): BTANIDJA
P.T. Bank-UOB-Indonesia: UOBBIDJA
P.T. Permata Bank (BP): BBBAIDJA
P.T. Bank-Maybank-Indocorp (BMI): MBBEIDJA
P.T. Bank-Chinatrust-Indonesia (BCI): CTCBIDJA
P.T. Woori-Bank-Indonesia (WBI): HVBKIDJA
P.T. Bank-Sumitomo-Mitsui-Indonesia (BSMI): SUNIIDJA
P.T. Bank-Finconesia (BF): FINBIDJA
P.T. Bank-OCBC-Indonesia (B-OCBC-I): OCBCIDJA
P.T. Bank-Kesawan (BK): AWANIDJA
P.T. Bank-Commonwealth (BC): BICNIDJA
P.T. Bank-Ekonomi-Raharja (BER): EKONIDJA
P.T. Bank-DBS-Indonesia (B-DBS-I): DBSBIDJA
P.T. Bank CIC International (formerly Bank Century Intervest Corp): CICTIDJA
P.T. Bank-Export-Indonesia: BEXIIDJA
P.T. Bank-Mega (BM): MEGAIDJA
P.T. Bank of China (BOC), Jakarta Branch: BKCHIDJA
P.T. Bank-Syariah-Mandiri (not Bank Mandiri): BSMDIDJA
Swift Code of Banks in Indonesia 2
Swift Code of Banks in Indonesia 2

Bank Code in Indonesia

If you want to make money transfers between banks in Indonesia, which is usually called Clearing and a Bank Code is required.

P.T. ABN AMRO Bank: 052
P.T. American Express Bank LTD: 030
P.T. Bank Of America: 033
P.T. Bank Of China Limited: 069
P.T. BPD Aceh: 116
P.T. BPD Bali: 129
P.T. BPD Bengkulu: 133
P.T. BPD Jambi: 115
P.T. BPD West Java and Banten: 110
P.T. Central Java BPD: 113
P.T. East Java BPD: 114
P.T. West Kalimantan BPD: 123
P.T. BPD South Kalimantan: 122
P.T. Central Kalimantan BPD: 125
P.T. BPD East Kalimantan: 124
P.T. BPD Lampung: 121
P.T. BPD Maluku: 131
P.T. West Nusa Tenggara BPD: 128
P.T. BPD East Nusa Tenggara: 130
P.T. BPD Papua: 132
P.T. BPD Riau: 119
BPD South Sulawesi: 126
P.T. Central Sulawesi BPD: 134
P.T. BPD Southeast Sulawesi: 135
P.T. North Sulawesi BPD: 127
P.T. West Sumatra BPD: 118
P.T. BPD South Sumatra: 120
P.T. BPD North Sumatra: 117
P.T. BPD Yogyakarta: 112
P.T. Citibank: 031
P.T. Deutsche-Bank-AG (DBAG): 067
P.T. JP. Morgan Chase Bank: 032
P.T. Anglomas International Bank: 531
P.T. ANZ Panin Bank: 061
P.T. Agroniaga Bank, Tbk: 494
P.T. Akita Bank: 525
P.T. Bank Alfindo: 503
P.T. Interregional Bank: 088
P.T. Bank Arta Niaga Kencana: 020
P.T. Bank (AG) Artha Graha Internasional: 037
P.T. Bank Artos Indonesia: 542
P.T. Bank Bintang Manunggal: 484
P.T. International Business Bank: 459
P.T. Bank Bangladesh Nationalist Party Paribas Indonesia: 057
P.T. Bukopin Bank: 441
P.T. Bank Bumi Arta: 076
P.T. Bank Bumipetera Indonesia: 485
P.T. Bank Capital Indonesia: 054
P.T. Bank Central Asia: 014
P.T. Century Bank: 095
P.T. Bank China Trust Indonesia: 949
P.T. CommonWealth Bank: 950
P.T. Credit Agricole Bank Indosuez: 039
P.T. Bank-Danamon-Indonesia (BDI): 011
P.T. Bank DBS Indonesia: 046
P.T. Dipo International Bank

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