List of Best Oppo Smartphones Prices in 2020

The presence of Oppo Smartphone has indeed tightened competition in the smartphone market in the world, including in Indonesia. Oppo is increasingly aggressively promoting, both offline and online, and even when visiting HP counters, there are almost always promos from Oppo. Reportedly, every counter or outlet provider of Oppo gets a very tempting fee if they succeed in selling a smartphone unit that is famous for its photographic features.

The disadvantage of the Oppo brand smartphone is that the selling price is indeed meager so that Oppo smartphone owners will experience considerable losses, but this has also been helped by promotions from Oppo promoters, which have made this Smartphone more well known and also popular and widely. Automatically also influences the selling price of the Oppo Smartphone, which is not too sharp. Below are some of the latest and most popular types of Oppo smartphones.

Oppo R9s Plus

Judging from the design, this Smartphone has a body that is precisely the same as other types of Oppo smartphones, one of its characteristics is metal material. Also, the corners of the body are not too boxy so that it makes users feel comfortable when holding the Smartphone, and the Oppo R9s Plus uses Capacitive touchscreen type screen with a size of 6 inches. The results of the image resolution are Full HD Display. You can’t get the protection feature on the screen, so you have to install a tempered glass to keep the screen of this phablet clean and not scratched.

Oppo R9s Plus uses Android version 6.0.1 and support for Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 chipset. Looking at the specifications of the enormous RAM capacity of 6 GB, it is inevitable that the Oppo R9s Plus will be able to run even cumbersome applications and at the same time.

Meanwhile, for the internal storage capacity, there is already a ROM with a size of 64 GB. You can increase your storage capacity via an external memory with a total of 256 GB. Furthermore, the Smartphone, which is also equipped with fast battery charging and fingerprint sensor features, uses a battery with a large enough capacity, 4000 mAh of the Lithium Polymer type. Oppo R9s Plus is provided in 3 color variants, namely Black, Gold, and Rose Gold. The latest Smartphone from Oppo is reportedly priced at Rp. 6.7 million.

Oppo F1s

This Smartphone with the tag line selfie expert has a screen measuring 5.5 inches from the IPS LCD type; the ability to produce HD display quality images is one of the advantages of this Smartphone. Besides that, the screen of the Oppo F1s has also been protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 feature, which is known to be resistant to scratches and collisions. However, it is still highly recommended and recommended for you to keep Tempered Glass.

This Smartphone uses the operating system version 5.1 or Lollipop with the Mediatek MT6750 chipset; the presence of RAM with a capacity of 3 GB makes this Smartphone even more flexible when it is operated in a multitasking way, and this Smartphone will not experience slow or lag when used to play games. The internal storage space that is owned by Oppo F1s has a size of 32 GB even though the size is quite large you can add external memory with a maximum capacity of 256 GB.

The active noise cancellation feature also supports audio quality when you listen to music with earphones. Besides that, there is also a fingerprint sensor feature that makes it easier for you to maintain file security on your Smartphone. The battery capacity of the Oppo F1s is 3075 mAh from the Lithium Polymer battery and is a non-removable battery.

The thing that is not less interesting is the camera, where the primary camera for Oppo F1s is 13 MP with LED Flash support and autofocus. As for the second camera feature or selfie camera, it has a resolution of up to 16 MP.

Thus the Oppo F1s will indeed be much more leverage to use for taking selfies. There are three color variants provided by Oppo F1s, namely Gold, Rose Gold, and Gray. The price of this beautiful Smartphone is IDR 3.8 million.

Oppo A59

This Smartphone from Oppo has a screen with a size of 5.5 inches at first glance; it is not much different from Oppo F1s; it’s just that for Oppo A59, the quality of the selfie images is not as good as Oppo F1s. Besides already supporting LTE technology features. Oppo A59 also uses Android Lollipop and is combined with the Mediatek MT6750 chipset.

The RAM capacity of the Oppo A59 is 3 GB and is accompanied by internal memory with a total of 32 GB. Touching on the photography sector, the Oppo A59 is equipped with a 13 MP main screen with LED Flash support and autofocus. For the second camera, it has a resolution of 8 MP. Here, and it is clear that the Oppo A59 is indeed less optimal when used for taking selfies.

However, this Smartphone is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor feature. While the battery capacity, which reaches 3075 mAh of the Lithium-Ion type, is not yet equipped with the fast battery charging feature. The price of the Oppo A59 is IDR 4.1 million.

Oppo A37

Smartphone This is included in the middle-end smartphone line from Oppo that uses middle-class specifications. Even so, the Oppo A37 also supports 4G LTE technology; the Oppo A37 was introduced in June 2016 by carrying a 5-inch wide IPS LCD screen with HD image display and 294 PPI density. The screen of the Oppo A37 is also equipped with the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection feature. This Smartphone that uses the Lollipop operating system uses the UI color OS version 3.0 and also supports a Qualcomm chipset, namely Snapdragon 4 10.

In the RAM section, it has a capacity of 2 GB and is also supported by an internal memory of 16 GB. You can even fill Oppo A37 with external memory with a maximum capacity of 256 GB. On the rear camera, there is a lens with an 8 MP resolution and LED Flash support, while the second camera has a 5 MP resolution.

Oppo A37 is not equipped with superior features, so you could say this Smartphone is not recommended for those of you who want to use the fingerprint sensor or Fast battery charging feature. Oppo A37 uses a Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 2630 mAh and is provided in two color variants, namely Gold and Rose Gold. Currently, one unit of the Oppo A37 is priced at Rp. 2.4 million.

This is information related to the price of the latest and most popular Oppo smartphones. Hopefully, this is useful.

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