Latest Xiaomi Smartphones Prices in 2020

The invasion of Chinese products is very pronounced, not only household electronic products; even now, almost all smartphones sold at outlets are mostly made in China, one of which is the Xiaomi brand. A smartphone name that is entirely new and immediately attracts the attention of many parties. One of the reasons is that it is cheap but provides god-class specifications.

For those of you who are currently looking for an Android smartphone with a cool appearance and qualified specifications, Xiaomi is the answer because Xiaomi provides smartphones with several classes, both low end, middle and high end. Below are some of the latest types of smartphones from Xiaomi, one of which may suit your needs. Some of the following latest Xiaomi android price lists are:

Xiaomi MI Mix

In the first place, it is directly occupied by the flagship smartphone from Xiaomi with a unique name, namely Xiaomi MI Mix, because usually smartphones that have superior specifications will be assigned the name Max or Plus. Still, it is different from Xiaomi, which prefers to use the word Mix.

Regardless of the name, this Smartphone is a genuinely futuristic type of phone as the screen it displays barely has a bezel. The Xiaomi Mi Mix still has a bezel, but it is fragile and not visible, so the presence of the Xiaomi Mi Mix will undoubtedly be in the spotlight of the world. Because until now, it’s only the Xiaomi MI Mix that uses a screen with a design that doesn’t use a bezel at all.

This 4G LTE smartphone can operate dual sim cards; the type of screen used is IPS LCD and has a size that is quite wide, which is 6.4 inches. This screen can produce Full HD display quality image resolution and a density of 362 PPI.

Even though you haven’t used the Nougat or version 7 operating system but prefer to use Android OS version 6.01 Marshmallow, the Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​equipped with a high-end chipset, namely Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. This chipset is often used for flagship smartphones from other branded smartphone brands and has been proven to have a high level of performance. On the CPU side, there is a Quad-core processor (2 × 2.35 GHz Kryo & 2 × 1.6 GHz Kryo) and also processed lines from the Adreno 530.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​presented in 2 memory variants; the first version uses 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. In contrast, the second version has 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory; both versions are not equipped with an external memory slot.

In the camera sector, there is the primary lens with a resolution of 16 MP and equipped with a dual-tone LED flash. In contrast, the second camera has a resolution of 5 MP. The battery capacity provided by the Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​4400 mAh of the Lithium-Ion type and is non-removable, this battery capacity is indeed quite large considering the screen size of this Smartphone which is almost similar to a tablet. For this reason, the Xiaomi Mi Mix already uses Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which is claimed to be able to charge the battery faster because, in just 30 minutes, the battery charge has reached 83%. Besides that, there is also a fingerprint sensor for the fingerprint sensor feature. This Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​only provided in one color variant, namely black. The Xiaomi MI mix reportedly reaches a price of IDR 10 million to IDR 12 million.

Xiaomi MI Note 2

Still in the line of flagship smartphones because it seems that at the end of 2016, Xiaomi is more focused on presenting high-class smartphones. The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has an exquisite design because it uses a curved screen on the left and right. The screen is AMOLED type and has a size of 5.7 inches and is capable of displaying Full HD resolution images and with a density of 386 PPI. Supported with MIUI 8.0 Xiaomi MI Note 2 will feature a very modern display and is also comfortable for your eyes.

This 4G LTE smartphone uses the Android Marshmallow operating system and is supported by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset and processed graphics from Adreno 530. Xiaomi MI Note 2 is provided in 2 memory variants, namely RAM, with a capacity of 4 GB to be combined with an internal memory of 64 GB. At the same time, RAM of 6 GB will be paired with an internal memory of 128 GB. An external memory slot does not accompany both, so storage media only rely on ROM capacity, which is quite large.

In the camera sector, there is the central lens with a resolution of up to 22.5 MP, which is equipped with excellent features including EIS which is a technology capable of capturing better images even though the conditions around you take low light photos especially the primary camera of the Xiaomi MI Note. These two are also supported by the dual-LED flash so that we can be sure that the camera results from this latest Xiaomi smartphone will be maximal. Furthermore, the second camera is 8 MP and is also equipped with an autofocus feature so that taking selfies is easier.

The superior features possessed by the Xiaomi MI Note 2 include a fingerprint sensor with the location of the sensor positioned on the front of the home button, in contrast to other types of Xiaomi smartphones that use a fingerprint sensor on the cover but of course placing this fingerprint position is not a problem too much. Big.

Furthermore, the given battery capacity is 4070 mAh of the Lithium-Ion type and is installed utilizing a planted or non-removable battery. The use of the fast battery charging feature on the Xiaomi MI Note 2 is good enough because it uses a type 3 quick charge, where in just 30 minutes, the battery from this Smartphone has reached an amount of 83%. The color variants provided by the Xiaomi MI Note 2 are Black, Gold, and Silver. Reportedly, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will be priced at IDR 7.5 million.

The presence of two types of flagship smartphones from Xiaomi above will provide a choice for those of you who want to have the latest and futuristic Smartphones in early 2017. Despite being plagued by unpleasant issues, Xiaomi has proven that its products are worthy of competing with other smartphone brands.

Although Xiaomi does not yet have a service center network in Indonesia, the presence of the Mi Fans club makes Xiaomi smartphone users feel more helpful in overcoming some of the problems that might be found on their smartphones.

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